Real Time Traffic Insights

Panelbear gives you a real time summary of your website traffic stats.

Real Time Traffic Insights

Get a real time view into your website traffic stats

Your dashboard gives you a summary of your website’s most important metrics, in real time.

  • Count unique visitors, popular pages, top countries, referrers, page load time, and more
  • Track custom events to measure any interaction on your website
  • View the conversion rate for any page or custom event
  • Understand your website's real end user performance

Go beyond the surface with metric filtering and comparison

You can instantly filter and compare your metrics with just a single click. That way you can better understand how your site is being used, without additional tooling or complicated reports.

  • Click-to-filter by visitor country, page, referrer, UTM parameters, device type and more
  • Easily plot and compare any metric within the dashboard. Sessions vs bounce rate? Conversion rate vs page load time? We've got you covered.
  • Breakdown any metric by hour, day, week or month - you can zoom in or out as much as you need

Automated alerts and reporting

Whether you’re experiencing a traffic spike or downtime, Panelbear gives you full visibility into what's really happening.

  • Get alerted when there's a sudden increase in traffic
  • Slack, Discord and Email notifications when your website becomes slow or unresponsive
  • Receive email reports weekly or monthly

Share your metrics, or keep them private

By default, your stats are private - only you have access to them. In case you want to share your metrics with your team, customers, or audience, you can enable public dashboard access. That way they can access your stats too, without needing to first create an account on Panelbear.

Peace of mind for your and your visitors

Panelbear has been designed for visitor privacy from day one. From data minimization principles to zero-configuration anonymization to enterprise-grade security.

We only collect what is truly necessary, use no tracking cookies, and do not sell personal data for advertising purposes (or any reason at all).

Website traffic and performance insights.

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