Measure your web traffic

Thousands of websites use Panelbear to measure their visitor traffic and performance metrics. It's simple, fast, and respects the privacy of your visitors.

Free for small websites - no credit card required.

Panelbear analytics dashboard

Real time insights

Panelbear aggregates your web traffic in real time. All metrics are summarized in a simple and easy to use dashboard.

Need to dive in? You can filter, and compare all metrics with a single click. That way you can focus on the bigger picture, but also zoom in to the details when you need it.

Performance monitoring

Measure your page load time and understand how your end users are really experiencing your site.

Is your site slow in some country or for some particular pages? Panelbear measures browser timings out of the box. That way you can identify frontend, backend or network issues.

Get notified when your site is slow or trending. Setup alerts and receive notifications to Slack, Discord, or directly to your inbox.

Privacy by design

We're funded by happy customers, not by selling personal data. We do not track people across the web, and only collect what is truly necessary.

Panelbear is simple analytics without cookies. All metrics are de-personalized and aggregated. That way, you can enjoy website stats while respecting the privacy of your visitors.

How it works

Add your website

Just add our analytics script to your website, and we'll take it from there.

Panelbear does its magic

We aggregate your website's traffic and performance in real time, while protecting the privacy of your visitors.

View metrics in real time

You get live traffic and performance metrics so you can understand and grow your website.

Works on all popular platforms

Everything great websites need

Website visitor stats

Panelbear is a great Google Analytics alternative. Say goodbye to trying to make sense of hundreds of metrics and reports, and focus on what really matters. We believe your analytics should be delightfully simple.

Performance metrics

Ensure you're delivering a great experience on your website, from the point of view of your visitors. Panelbear gives you page load time stats out of the box - no additional setup required.

Blazingly fast

Your dashboard is up-to-the-minute real time. You'll never have to wait hours until your data is available, even as your traffic grows into millions of visits.

Powerful analytics API

Developers have access to the Panelbear API, the same fast analytics engine that powers all features on Panelbear. You can build integrations, automate workflows, and even power your own dashboards.

Filter and breakdown

Need to drill down? You click on any metric to filter by it. For example you can filter for pageviews from a specific country, page, browser and more.

Alerts and notifications

Setup traffic spike alerts to be notified about increased activity on your website. You can receive notifications via Slack, Email, or Discord.

Public dashboards

You can optionally share your analytics with others by making your dashboard public. You can control if the data should only be accessed by you, or anyone with the secret link.

Compare metrics

Want to compare any two metrics? We've got you covered. For example you can correlate increased page load times with the visit duration.

Panelbear analytics charts

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