Adding analytics to Tumblr blogs

Adding analytics to your Tumblr blog is super simple. In this guide we'll be be adding Panelbear, a great Google Analytics alternative, but it also works for any other tool that relies on adding a Javascript snippet to your Tumblr blog.


  1. Create your Panelbear account and add your website.
  2. Copy the Javascript snippet shown to you.
  3. Login to your Tumblr account.
  4. Click on your account dropdown and select the Edit Appearance option for the blog you'd like to add analytics.
  5. In the Website Theme section, click Edit Theme.
  6. On the top left corner, click Edit HTML and paste your Panelbear snippet inside the <head> HTML tag.
  7. Click Update Preview and then Save.

Panelbear Analytics Tumblr integration

Check your installation

After you have added our analytics script to the HTML of your website, you should be able to see pageviews show up in the dashboard within a minute of the visitors coming into your website.

That was easy, wasn't it? Now all that's left to do is to let Panelbear do it's magic over time and you can view the insights in the dashboard.