Cronitor RUM is now generally available

Anthony N. Simon

February 8, 2023·3 min read

I’m stoked to share with you that Cronitor Real-User Monitoring (RUM) is now officially out of the early access period.

RUM intro

Here's the backstory:

Over the past years Panelbear went from a side project to a one-person startup to being acquired by Cronitor about a year ago. It’s been a crazy journey!

Last year I joined forces with fellow bootstrapped founders Shane and August from Cronitor. We set out to build a platform that offers multiple monitoring tools under one roof: uptime checks, cron jobs, heartbeats, status pages and real user monitoring.

The idea is from frontend to backend - we’ve got you covered.

That's why today I'm excited to present you the latest addition to the platform: Cronitor RUM.

Frontend monitoring for developers

Similarly to Panelbear, Cronitor RUM makes it super easy to measure your website’s traffic and performance without tracking people across the web.

But Cronitor RUM takes it a step further: as a developer, you want to monitor the health of your frontend apps so you can deliver a great end user experience. That requires having a real time view into the performance, errors and traffic patterns across your sites.

We found that there’s no easy solution for developers to get all the information they need, without complicated tooling, bloated SDKs and messy dashboards.

That’s why over the past year we’ve been listening closely to all feedback and crafted an entirely new product within Cronitor that doubles down on Panelbear’s most beloved features.

That's where Cronitor RUM comes in.

Easy to use, yet powerful

Just minutes after signing up you can:

  • View your page load time from real sessions, down to the city level
  • Measure core web vitals under real world scenarios
  • Breakdown by time spent on DNS, SSL, frontend, backend
  • Track errors by page, device type, browser
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly site reports to your inbox

RUM gives you more control over the data collection process. You can easily configure inbound filters for blocked countries, paths, IPs, bots and crawlers. You can also take advantage of event sampling to only capture a percentage of user traffic and better control your monthly costs.

Out of the box, Cronitor supports the needs of teams and larger organizations with multi-user access control, SAML single sign-on, and separate telemetry environments (eg. dev, staging, production).

Simple, predictable pricing

Many customers have asked us for a billing model that scales up and down with their actual usage. We’ve listened and metered billing is here!

That means with Cronitor RUM you only pay for the events you capture during your billing period, instead of a fixed fee every month. This difference makes it significantly more affordable than Panelbear for the vast majority of customers, especially when starting out.

The pricing model is simple:

  • Free plan: your first 100k events are free, 1-month data retention
  • Business plan: $10/mo per 100k events, 6-month data retention

Want to give it a try? You can start for free, it only takes a few minutes to get started.

If you’re an existing Panelbear customer and would like to migrate to Cronitor RUM, just send us an email and we’ll take care of moving your site’s data for you.

Send me an email if you have any questions or feedback!

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