Uptime Monitoring

Deliver a flawless experience. Be the first to know when your website or API is down, and ensure you're always open for business.

Be the first to know when downtime happens

Don't wait for your visitors to tell you when something is wrong. Prepare for downtime and be the first to know when things go south.

Make changes to your website or API with confidence. With Panelbear Uptime Monitoring, your website is being continuously checked for common issues such as downtime, expired SSL certificates, slow pages and you'll get alerted as soon as a problem has been detected.

Monitor your website's response time

Panelbear automatically collects page speed insights on every check. That way, you'll know which pages are slow and why. Setup alerts and troubleshoot issues as soon as they happen to ensure you deliver an amazing experience to every visitor.

SSL monitoring out of the box

Avoid losing traffic and get notified before your SSL certificates expire. Panelbear can automatically alert the right team member to save you time and prevent costly mistakes.

Monitor keywords for each page

Check for keywords on your page, and get notified as soon as some specific text goes missing from the response body.

Integrates with the rest of Panelbear

Panelbear gives you a bird's eye view on the health of your website. From simple analytics to uptime to performance monitoring to powerful alerting - it's all in one tool. Uptime monitoring complements the rest of the monitoring features so you can deliver an amazing experience to your end users.

Get notified to your favourite tools

Bring your team's favourite tools and get notifications directly where they're needed most. With Slack, Discord, SMS, Email, PagerDuty and even Webhooks integrations - we've probably got you covered.

Coming soon to Panelbear

Panelbear Uptime Monitoring is currently in development. Sign up to gain early access, and be notified as soon as it's generally available.

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