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Panelbear gives me just the right amount of data I need to monitor the growth of my site, without the added bloat and opt-ins required for other analytics services.

Matt Kendal, Co-Founder

Favours the Brave

I love using Panelbear analytics. Getting the weekly report delivered straight to my inbox makes Monday mornings something to look forward to!

Devin Holmes, Founder

Proxy Web Design

I've been using Panelbear for the last year, not only do I recommend it to some of our clients, but personally find it a lot more intuitive than the mainstream tools out there, it's perfect for our needs.

Jean Massad, Design Lead

LIFT Agency

We use Panelbear for various local Amnesty member groups. It is very easy to use, provides a lot of information and we especially like the strong commitment to user privacy. Support was also very quick and friendly.

Grassroots members of Amnesty International Netherlands

My personal website's highest priority was speed and being low weight, and other analytics tools have always added a significant amount of weight. When I stumbled upon Panelbear, the analytics script went from 37kB to a measly 3.6kB.

We have found that Google Analytics has become a little overkill for our modest requirements and was delighted to come across Panelbear. It has an easy-to-use, simple interface with all the features we need. Panelbear is a fantastic analytics tool, and we will be recommending it to all of our clients.

I've ended up using Panelbear for all of my sites, and really appreciate the simplicity as well as ensuring the privacy of visitors by avoiding cookies.

Kevin Nørby Andersen

Panelbear provides us with a modern and privacy-friendly analytics platform. New features are added every month and their support has always been very responsive.

Panelbear is easy to set up, respects the privacy of the users and doesn't requires cookies. It is everything I was looking for.

Panelbear is the simplest and cleanest web traffic tool I've used so far. Much better than Google Analytics for my simple needs.

Panelbear is the best analytics tool I’ve found so far. The minimalist dashboard is easy to read. I use it everyday.

Panelbear is a fantastic analytics product. No cluttering. Presents you with the data you need in a clear interface.

I wanted a tool that is as simple as possible and to have a privacy focus. Panelbear came out to be a perfect fit for my needs.

Panelbear was easy to add to my website and offers just the right amount of analytics I need.

Panelbear is super easy to set up, and has a free tier to get started. It provides me useful insight for a solo SaaS project.

After testing other popular alternatives, I found Panelbear which fits my needs. It's easy to use and quick to configure. I am very happy with this product.

I love the simplicity of Panelbear. In general it is all you need if you are a small company, to see what is happening on your website.

Panelbear is by far the best frontend monitoring tool out there because it combines all important tracking types for my startup. Not only do I get traffic insights the performance monitoring and especially the alerts let me sleep peacefully without hassle because everything's in one tool.

We have tried them all. Finally! Panelbear provides us with website traffic and analytics we find useful and our clients can actually understand.

Panelbear allows us to keep track of our website traffic without tracking cookies. It gives us all crucial information in an easy way, and with zero training required.

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