Simple Website Analytics

Panelbear gives you simple analytics so you can understand how your website is being used, while protecting the privacy of your visitors.

Up and running in minutes

Getting simple analytics for your website is easy. With Panelbear, all you have to do is copy and paste our Javascript code to your website's HTML, or use one of our many integrations. You can then go ahead and publish your website. That's all there is to it!

This snippet is a small piece of code that runs on your website, and collects the necessary metrics that are shown to you on the dashboard. For more information check out our article on what we collect.

Get a bird's eye view on your website

A single dashboard summarizes your website’s most important metrics. Count unique visitors, check which pages are most popular, top countries, referrers and more.

We’re obsessed about performant websites. That’s why we’ve optimized every aspect of your dashboard so it's as accurate as possible, and loads blazingly fast.

Your data is always up-to-the-minute real time, so whether you’re experiencing a traffic spike or downtime - we’ve got you covered.

Filter and compare all metrics

A single dashboard gives you an eagle's eye view on your website's most important metrics. But sometimes you need to drill down to better understand what's really going on.

Analytics dashboard In Panelbear, you can easily filter by any metric on your dashboard with a single click.

With Panelbear, you can easily filter any dimension by clicking on it, you can compare multiple metrics to understand behaviour over time, and you can monitor the load time for any of your pages to ensure you're delivering the best experience possible to your visitors.

Measure your website's performance

Panelbear automatically measures your page load time on all visits to your website. You can visualize summarized metrics on your website's overall speed around the world. This is sometimes also called Real User Monitoring (RUM), and it's a powerful feature to help you understand how your visitors are really experiencing your site.

You can inspect the performance metrics by country or page, and even breakdown the page load by frontend, backend or network timings. This helps you troubleshoot bottlenecks and identify performance issues before it's too late.

Protect your visitor's privacy

Panelbear has been designed for visitor privacy from day one. From data minimization principles to zero-configuration anonymization to enterprise-grade security - our goal is to protect your visitor's privacy while still giving you useful data about your site's traffic and performance.

We only collect what is truly necessary, use no tracking cookies, and do not sell any personal data to third parties. The data we collect is basic usage metrics about interactions on your website. Even if we tried, we couldn't associate this data to an individual.

Share your metrics, or keep them private

By default, your stats are private and only you have access to them. In case you want to share your metrics with your team, customers, or audience, you can enable public dashboard access. That way they can access your stats too, without needing to create an account on Panelbear.

Panelbear analytics charts

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