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Anthony Najjar Simon
Based in Munich, Germany

[email protected]

September 2020

Web, Mobile




Panelbear is a simple, fast, and privacy-friendly analytics service. A simple overview dashboard gives you an eagle's eye view on your website. And for when you need to take a closer look there's detailed reports for countries, devices, traffic channels, site performance, and plenty more. You can also filter, and breakdown by any metric dimension too.

Our infrastructure has been built from the ground up to collect billions of data points per month. You can query your data instantly. With more than 200+ edge locations around the world, your analytics are ultra-fast, and will never slow down your site. We're in the business of fast, private analytics. Not selling your data.


Panelbear grew out of a side-project of mine as I didn't feel at home in any of the existing analytics solutions. I wanted the power and flexibility of a complete toolkit, without complicated dashboards or invading the privacy of my visitors.

I found it unnecessarily time consuming to keep up with the nightmare of cookie banners, legal notices, and keeping records of consent, when all I really wanted was to understand how my website is being used. Tools like Google Analytics are powerful but you’re giving up the personal data of your visitors and one your most valuable assets: your website’s data.

Joe Armstrong once said: "You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle". As a small business owner, this is exactly how it feels like to keep up with the ever-changing privacy regulations.

At this point, you are probably thinking of using something like Google Analytics, but then you have to worry about ensuring your setup is fully compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR, or things like the transfer of personal data between EU-US. Fines are pretty big even for small websites, not to mention that many of these tools invade the privacy of your visitors, and may even sell your data to third-parties. Have you heard of the phrase: "if you're not paying for the product, you are the product"?

Soon you find yourself in a nightmare of using various third-parties for things like cookie banners, keeping records of consent and a complicated setup when all you really wanted was to understand how your website is being used, not to track the personal data of your visitors and fuel the already huge corporations that possess them.

So after trying out most privacy-friendly solutions out there, I never felt at home with them. They were doing either too little, or too much for my needs. Having worked for several years building large-scale infrastructure for one of Europe’s largest search platforms, I decided to take the challenge and started building Panelbear on the weekends next to my full-time job.


  • Free tier available
  • Unlimited websites
  • Soft real-time analytics, less than 60 seconds processing time
  • Privacy-friendly: cookieless, no personal data is tracked
  • Global site speed reporting
  • Custom events support
  • 200+ worldwide edge locations
  • You retain full ownership of your data
  • Bank-level security


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