Website Performance Monitoring

Panelbear gives you lightweight performance monitoring for your website. We automatically collect various metrics on each page load, so you can understand how your visitors are really experiencing your site - all while respecting the privacy of your visitors.

Panelbear Performance Dashboard

Get started in seconds

With just one snippet of code, you can start monitoring all pages on your website, using real traffic. Zero additional instrumentation required.

With Panelbear, you're ready to monitor in seconds. Our lightweight script loads asynchronously, is lightweight, and does not slow down your site. That means a better experience for you or your visitors.

Measure your real page load time

You can measure the time your pages take to load from your visitor's perspective. It's the real data, not a synthetic measurement. When you click on a link, your web browser starts a multi-step process to load all resources required to show a website on your screen. The longer this process takes, the longer a visitor must wait to interact with a website. Panelbear can help you track and understand the page load time for every visit across the world, so you can optimize and deliver an amazing experience to your visitors.

Browser timings breakdown

Panelbear Browser Timings Dashboard

The page load time helps you identify for which countries and pages your website is slow, but it doesn't tell why it is slow. That's where Panelbear's browser timings chart can help. It shows you a breakdown of the page load time by network, backend and frontend timings. These timings are shown to you as time spent on the network, waiting for a response from the backend, and rendering the page on your visitor's device.

Setup site speed alerts

Your time is valuable, no tool should require you to constantly refresh a dashboard to keep track of what's going on, waiting for something to happen. Panelbear lets you set up automated alerts to monitor the metrics of your choice, ensuring you know your website is slow as soon as this happens. You can connect your prefered notification channels such as Slack, Discord, Email and more to receive the alerts where it works best for you.

Privacy-first, real-user monitoring (RUM)

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Your tools should respect the privacy of your visitors by default. That's why we've built Panelbear from the ground up to be cookie-free, and not track personal data.

Our solution uses real data from your website's live traffic, that way you can measure how your visitors are really experiencing your site. You can filter by country, page, device type, and plenty more, giving you the ability to understand not only the big picture, but also the small stuff.

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