End User Performance Monitoring

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End User Performance Monitoring

Understand your true end user performance

In addition to traffic insights, Panelbear let's you measure page load time and other performance metrics directly from your visitor traffic.

Spend less time guessing how fast your website loads around the world, and leverage aggregated insights from real interactions.

  • Measure page load time on every visit
  • Breakdown by country, page, device type and connection speed
  • Compare performance against conversion rate and other business metrics
  • Setup alerts and get notified when your website becomes slow or trending

Identify frontend, backend and network issues

Save time troubleshooting issues by quickly identifying where most of your page load time is spent.

  • Understand your page load time from the perspective of your end users
  • Breakdown by time spent on frontend, backend or network
  • View timings for DNS, SSL/TLS, Time to First Byte (TTFB), page rendering and plenty more

Share your stats with public dashboards

By default, your stats are private - only you can see them. Want to share your dashboard with other people? Make it public with a single click and get a secret link to share with the world. Only those with the secret link can access it.

Want to make your stats private again? A single click disables public access, so only you can access the data once again.

Simple, fast and privacy-friendly

We're in the business of software, not selling personal data. Panelbear has been designed with the following guiding principles:

  • Simple: our software should be easy to use and save you time
  • Fast: your dashboards load incredibly fast and are super responsive
  • privacy-friendly: we do not track people across the Internet, do not ever sell personal data, and only collect the minimum data necessary to provide you with useful insights

Website traffic and performance insights.

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