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Panelbear is the simple and privacy-first Matomo alternative. You'll get fast, cookie-free website analytics out of the box, in addition to performance monitoring and powerful alerting - all in one tool.

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Both are great Google Analytics alternatives

If you're looking for a Google Analytics alternative, both Panelbear and Matomo (formerly Piwik) are great options. While both tools give you website analytics, they differ in important areas: simplicity, configuration, and privacy.

Matomo is an analytics tool that's open source, highly customizable, and well-known for providing rich marketing reporting features. You can host it yourself for free, or pay for a hosted plan on their cloud offering.

Panelbear is the simpler Google Analytics alternative. It’s easy to use, cookie-free and comes with a bunch of useful features out of the box for understanding your website’s traffic and performance. There’s a cloud-based free plan to get started, and affordable paid plans for when you need them.

To help you decide which tool best fits your needs, let's take a look into some of the differences between Matomo and Panelbear.

Panelbear is simpler

Matomo describes itself as having over 250 configuration options, giving marketers a lot of advanced features and the customizability to build an analytics platform for their specific needs.

On the other hand, Panelbear gives you simple analytics, it's privacy-first, and requires zero configuration to get the most out of it.

Matomo is similar to Google Analytics in the sense that it is more geared towards marketing campaigns, user cohorts, advanced reporting and customization. You have access to hundreds of metrics too, which is useful if you're willing to put in the time required to understand what it means and how to use it properly.

We believe you'll love Panelbear if you prefer simple, ready-to-use tools that give you useful insights with little effort. Panelbear is user-friendly yet powerful: out of the box you get metric filtering, comparison, and even alerting to notify you when there's increased traffic on your website.

Panelbear is cookie-free

Matomo may require you to take specific steps to ensure your tracking uses no cookies. You should check with their latest documentation to keep your website cookie-free and understand if it's compliant with applicable privacy regulations.

Panelbear does not use any tracking cookies, and does not track personal data. That's why, out of the box it's cookie-free - no configuration or specific setup required.

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. That's why we've built our software to be free of any tracking cookies. Additionally, we do not build user profiles across the web, and will never sell any data to third-parties.

We're simply not in the business of selling advertising data. You're our customer, not the product.

You get built-in performance monitoring

While Matomo may give you hundreds of marketing-related metrics, Panelbear gives you a handful of core signals on your website's traffic. A particularly useful one being the page load time for each of your pages.

Panelbear gives you end-user performance monitoring out of the box for each of your pages. It automatically summarizes your website speed across the world. If you need to take a closer look, you can easily break down the data per page, country, and device type.

Additionally, Panelbear can help you identify why your website might be slow: it can show you the page load time by time spent rendering the frontend, downloading the files over the network, and even the time spent waiting for the backend servers to respond.

You can set up alerts to monitor these metrics for you automatically, and notify you when your website becomes too slow and the visitor experience is being affected.

Affordable, hosted analytics

Matomo can be self-hosted, which means you can purchase your own servers and run the software on your own. While this might seem like a great way to reduce costs in the long term, it can easily turn into a more expensive option due to what people forget when running, maintaining and scaling their own servers.

That's why many people use hosted services, such as Matomo Cloud or Panelbear. You get to pay the same developers who built the software to run it for you, saving you time and in many cases it can be the cheaper option.

Matomo does not have a free cloud-based plan, and for comparison, it costs $269 per month to have up to 1 million pageviews per month in Matomo. On the other hand, the same data volume would cost $59 per month on Panelbear.

One thing that stands out about Panelbear, is that we offer a generous free website analytics for small websites. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to try it out.

The free plan includes up to 2,000 pageviews per month, and data is kept for up to 30-days. As usual on Panelbear, you retain full ownership over your data, even on the free plan. There's really no strings attached.

We're funded by customers who upgrade to one of the premium plans, which increase your data capacity along with some other goodies. That's why we're happy to offer a small but generous free plan. As we're a self-funded company with limited marketing effort, this helps us spread the word, and hopefully more people can find out about us via happy customers.

Slack, Discord and Email notifications

Both Matomo and Panelbear let you set up alerting conditions to be notified when something interesting happens on your website.

For example, in Panelbear you can set up notifications to your Slack or Discord channel when your website received more than 500 pageviews over the past hour (or the criteria of your choice).

You can customize the alerting conditions, and decide if you want to be notified to multiple integrations when the alert triggers. That way, you'll always be the first to know when your website is slow, getting a traffic spike, or in general whenever something interesting happens.

Full-access to the Analytics API

Matomo's API may seem a bit intimidating at first, considering how many options and parameters are available to you, but it's powerful and will serve most of your needs.

Panelbear focuses on giving you a simple, yet powerful experience, and that principle extends to our API too. You get full access to the modern analytics API that powers all real time dashboards, and features on Panelbear - it's the real thing.

Here's a few examples of what you can do:

  • Query the analytics data to power your own dashboards.
  • Use real time traffic data to automate workflows on your end.
  • Build powerful analytics integrations.
  • Manage multiple sites in bulk.

The API is being actively developed, and more features are being added over time based on feedback from developers using our platform. Want to tell us about a feature you need? We're here to help, and support is always one email away.

Data ownership

Data ownership is an important aspect of any analytics tool. After all, you want to be able to take your data with you, knowing that it is not being held by corporations for uses which you did not expect.

Both Panelbear and Matomo let you retain 100% ownership over your website's data. If you need a full export, you can always reach out to support to have all analytics data in the format that best suits your needs.

Additionally, if you ever decide to leave, when you delete your account, we destroy the analytics data, as we have no business in keeping it. We believe hoarding on data is a liability - that's why we strive for data minimization, and destroy your data when you ask us to or decide to leave.

Additional benefits

At Panelbear, we believe social responsibility, just like privacy by design, is an important aspect of our business. Our business model is based on delivering a world-class product, aimed at socially responsible customers that value simplicity and respect the privacy of their visitors.

That's why we're proud to partner with Stripe Climate, and are committed to contributing 5% of our gross revenue for the planet. Every customer is also helping remove CO2 from the atmosphere by enabling us to invest in a pool of companies helping fight climate change.

Additionally, at a technical level we strive for efficient resource utilization and making use of datacenters powered by renewable energy whenever possible. Our infrastructure providers are leaders in this space, and we're happy to partner with socially responsible companies too.

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