Testing your website locally

If you are testing your website on localhost, Panelbear will not send events by default in order to avoid filling up your quota during testing.

Viewing console log messages

If you wish to see debug messages on the browser console, you can add panelbear_debug to the query string of your URL.

For example: http://localhost:3000?panelbear_debug. You should be able to see the Panelbear debug logs on your browser's console.

Debug console

Enable debug mode via configuration

Important: We do not recommend that you deploy your website to production with this setting enabled. Please use it mainly for local development.

You can enable debug mode as part of the configuration of the analytics snippet.

panelbear("config", { debug: true });

This will make the following changes:

  • Always show Panelbear logs in the browser console.
  • Allow localhost events to be sent to Panelbear.

Please note that events sent from localhost still count towards your plan's quota.