Adding analytics to your Notion pages

Installing the analytics script on your Notion based website is super simple. While Notion does not currently offer a way to add scripts to your documents, you can use a tool like Potion to turn your docs into a complete website, and Panelbear to get traffic stats and performance metrics.

Once you have added your website to Panelbear, all that is left to do is integrate our analytics snippet. It's a small piece of code that runs on your website, and it collects the metrics necessary to show you the insights in the dashboard.


This guide assumes you already created your Panelbear account, and will be using Potion to generate your Notion website:

  1. If you haven't already, create a new website on Panelbear, give it any name you want to help you recognize it later.
  2. Copy the Javascript snippet that is shown to you after creating the website. Alternatively, you can always find it again from the Site Settings page.
  3. Login to Potion, and paste the Panelbear snippet into Potion's snippet injection editor.
  4. Save, and done! You're ready to enjoy privacy-focused analytics with your Notion pages.

Check your installation

After you have added our analytics script to your website, you should be able to see pageviews show up in the dashboard within a minute of the visitors coming into your website.

If you need help, you can reach out to us at [email protected].