Add your website

To integrate your website with Panelbear you'll need to first add it using the dashboard. Don't worry, it's easy and should only take a minute.

Your first website

If it's the first website you register on Panelbear, you should be shown the following form anytime you access the dashboard:

Add website form

You can pick any name you want, it will later help you identify your site in the dashboard. For example or My Example Website are both valid names, it's completely up to you.

This name can be changed anytime, and is not tied to your domain. In other words if your domain name is it is not a problem if you name it as My Website on Panelbear.

Adding more websites

If you already own multiple websites on Panelbear, you will find the form to add new sites at the bottom of the site selection dropdown:

Site dropdown

Next steps

Once you have added your website to Panelbear, all that is left to do is to install the analytics snippet on your website.