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Panelbear is a great Cloudflare Analytics alternative, as it's also privacy-first but goes beyond the features and metrics available in most analytics software.

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What makes Panelbear a great Cloudflare Analytics alternative

Here are some of the reasons why 2,000+ websites use Panelbear:

1. Simple and easy to use

Deliver a great experience on your website. Panelbear gives you real time traffic insights in a simple and easy to use dashboard. That way you can monitor your website's most important metrics to understand what works and what doesn't.

2. Modern website analytics

Panelbear goes beyond simply counting visitors. With built-in performance monitoring and alerting, you'll understand how your end users are truly experiencing your site.

3. Privacy-first

Panelbear has been designed for visitor privacy from day one. The analytics data is automatically anonymized, safely stored within the EU, and cannot be traced back to an individual - not even by us.

PropertyPanelbearCloudflare Analytics
CostFree up to 1,000 monthly pageviews, then $29 / monthFree, with data retention limits. Then $20 / month per site
Data freshnessReal time - up to 1 minuteReal time, but low metric resolution
Easy of useSimpleSimple
Supports modern web apps
Cookie free analytics
Performance monitoring
Real time alerts
Conversion rate metricsNo
Custom eventsNo
Metric filtering & comparisonBasic
IntegrationsEmail, Slack, DiscordNone
Load time impact on your siteNone, loads in the backgroundSmall, deferred script loading
Script sizeLightweight (<5 kB)Lightweight (<5 kB)
Shareable dashboardsNo
Developer APINo
CO₂ removalContributes 1% of all subscription revenueNo
Data locationGermanyUnited States
SupportEmail, ChatEmail, Chat (paid only)

You can read more about Cloudflare Analytics here.

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