Actionable Alerts

Panelbear gives you automated alerts so you'll always be the first to know

Actionable Alerts

Be the first to know when something's up

Panelbear lets you configure alerts for traffic spikes, slow pages and plenty more. Monitor your most important website metrics so you'll be the first to know when there's something up.

Connect your favorite tools and get notified directly where your team hangs out, whether that's Slack, Discord, or simply via Email - we've got you covered.

Ensure you deliver a great experience

Panelbear automatically collects website traffic and performance insights on every visit. That way, you'll know which pages are slow and identify where the bottleneck is.

  • Get notified as soon as there's a traffic surge on your site
  • Setup alerts for slow pages and notify the right teams
  • Troubleshoot website performance issues as soon as they happen

Integrates with your favourite tools

You can create multiple notification channels in order to send the alerts to the right team or person. For example you could send the slow page alerts to a "Frontend developers" channel on Slack, and the traffic spike alerts to the "Marketing" email group.

  • Send notifications where your team hang's out with our Slack and Discord integration
  • Escalate issues to the relevant team with email notifications
  • Save time. Every alert includes contextual information about when, how and why it fired

Avoid alert noise

To avoid alert noise on your chat, we automatically deduplicate notifications within a 24 hour period, so you won't wake up to hundreds of messages on your channel and instead get a single notification. Keeping your team channels tidy and focused.

Website traffic and performance insights.

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