Who runs this?

Hello, I'm Anthony, founder of Panelbear. I'm based in Munich, Germany, but I grew up in sunny Costa Rica.

I have been writing software for more than a decade, from video games to systems that handle billions of requests per month, and even simulation software for European banks. When I'm not building something, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and going on new adventures such as hiking, biking, or traveling to a remote place.

Since September 2020 I've been running Panelbear as a one-man SaaS. Until now, I've been doing everything from design, to engineering, to handling every email that arrives to my inbox. I feel very lucky to be able to provide this service to thousands of websites from around the world, and do my best to support each and every customer.

I believe that having automated most daily operations is the reason that I'm able to do things, and continue to have a good work-life balance. If you're technically inclined, and want to hear about the tech stack I use to keep the show runnin this blog post is for you.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out via [email protected]. You can also find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

What is Panelbear?

Panelbear is a simple, fast, and privacy-friendly analytics service. A single dashboard gives you a bird's eye view on your website. And for when you need to take a closer look there's detailed reports for countries, devices, traffic channels, site performance, and plenty more. You can also filter, and breakdown by any metric dimension too.

All infrastructure has been built from the ground up to collect billions of data points per month. You can query your data instantly. With more than 200+ edge locations around the world, your analytics are ultra-fast, and will never slow down your site. I'm in the business of fast, privacy-friendly analytics. Not selling your data.