Build better websites.

That's what we help you do.

Panelbear started as I wanted to have a bird's-eye view on my website's most important metrics, without requiring a handful of different tools that might slow down my site or invade the privacy of my visitors.

I couldn't find a tool which fit all my needs, so armed with more than a decade of engineering and design experience, plus a bit of naivety, I decided to build it.

Panelbear enables teams to measure what works, identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and continuously improve their websites. It's easy to use, and integrates with most popular tools and frameworks.

I run it as a small but focused company, with enterprise-grade infrastructure, and an obsession for creating quality tools that are delightful to use.

Since its launch in 2020, Panelbear has grown into the tool of choice for thousands of websites across the world. It serves customers both big and small, while remaining fully self-funded and profitable.

Have any questions or feedback? You can always reach me directly via email.