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Get simple analytics, performance monitoring, and powerful alerting - all in one tool.

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Understand what's trending, in real time

A single dashboard gives you a bird's eye view on your website visitor stats. You can filter and compare for various metrics so you can better understand how your website is being used.

Simple website analytics

Deliver an amazing experience, everywhere

Nobody likes a slow website. Understand how your end users are truly experiencing your site. You'll get performance metrics, from actual traffic, in real time.

Performance monitoring

Be the first to know when something's up

Deliver a flawless experience. Be the first to know when your website or API is down, and ensure you're always open for business.

Uptime monitoring is currently in development and will be available to all customers soon.

Peace of mind for you, and your visitors

Panelbear has been designed for visitor privacy from day one. The analytics data is de-personalised, stored within the EU, and cannot be traced back to an individual.

We're funded by charging for our software, not by selling personal data to third parties. Our mission is helping our customers build better websites.

Cookie free analytics

Panelbear supports all popular platforms

Everything great websites need

Simple analytics

View your website traffic stats in real time. The most important metrics are shown to you in a delightfully simple dashboard. It's easy to use, and blazingly fast.

Performance monitoring

Deliver an amazing experience to your end-users. With zero configuration real-user monitoring you can measure how fast your website loads on every interaction.

Email reports

Get a summary of your website stats delivered straight to your inbox. You can configure to receive the report on a weekly or monthly basis.

Powerful analytics API

You have access to the analytics API, the same fast metrics engine that powers all dashboards on Panelbear. You can build integrations, automate workflows, and even build your own dashboards in external tools.

Filter and breakdown

Need to drill down? You can click on any metric to filter by it. For example you can filter for pageviews from a specific country, page, browser and more.

Metric comparison

Want to compare any two metrics? We've got you covered. For example you can correlate increased page load times with the visit duration.

Alerts and notifications

Don't be the last to know when your website is slow or receiving increased traffic. You can set up traffic spike alerts and receive notifications to Slack, Discord, or even directly to your inbox.

Public dashboards

By default all dashboards are private - you're the only one who can access them. Optionally, you can also make your stats public and share your dashboard using a secret link - it's up to you.

Don’t just take our word for it

Panelbear gives me just the right amount of data I need to monitor the growth of my site, without the added bloat and opt-ins required for other analytics services.

Favours the Brave

I love using Panelbear analytics. Getting the weekly report delivered straight to my inbox makes Monday mornings something to look forward to!

Proxy Web Design

I've been using Panelbear for the last year, not only do I recommend it to some of our clients, but personally find it a lot more intuitive than the mainstream tools out there, it's perfect for our needs.

LIFT Agency

Panelbear provides us with a modern and privacy-friendly analytics platform. New features are added every month and their support has always been very responsive.


My personal website's highest priority was speed and being low weight, and other analytics tools have always added a significant amount of weight. When I stumbled upon Panelbear, the analytics script went from 37kB to a measly 3.6kB.

Christian Kaisermann

I've ended up using Panelbear for all of my sites, and really appreciate the simplicity as well as ensuring the privacy of visitors by avoiding cookies.

Kevin Nørby Andersen

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